Word on the Ave

Jamar Hill


Visual Arts

New Orleans


 “The worst thing that ever happened to me this year, I will say, was COVID, Trump and all the negative stuff that I don’t even want to think about. The best thing I’ll say that happened this year is that I started my own clothing brand.”

Taylor Bosie





“The best part of 2020 was that I turned 21, and the worst part of 2020 for me was that I lost my grandmother this year and my mother had COVID. But, thankfully, she is fine now.”

Walter Dixon IV


Theatre Performing Arts 

New Orleans


“The best part of 2020, I would say, would be  returning back to my campus, Dillard University, and being crowned Mr. Junior … The worst part is dealing with the challenges of navigating through COVID.”


(Interviews and photos by Victoria Hardy and Khaelyn Jackson)