WOW Wingery, Starbucks reported in the works for DU

NEW ORLEANS (September 6, 2020) – Dillard University is getting the ball rolling on implementing food chains onto the school’s campus, WOW Wingery and Starbucks over the next two years, according to Michelle Matthew, manager of Auxiliary Services.

Matthew said Ralph Johnson, vice president Business and Finance, negotiated the deals.

Matthew said the university would “begin building out the appropriate space for the first brand within a year’s time frame from here and do the same the following year for the second brand.”

Johnson said Sodexo has begun an an assessment of various campus buildings to determine the best location for the retail franchises. Matthew said possible locations are the Student Union, the Library, DUICEF or even PSB.

She said the decision came after the administration analyzed the needs and wants of current students. Research was then done sales and funding, making sure the university would be able to sustain any new restaurant additions since the school already has a contract with Sodexo.

Johnson said students played a critical role in jump-starting this process: “Student requests for additional dining options were the main reason for the heightened conversation with Sodexo.”

The student food committee is very involved in this process, Mathew said.

The news was greeted by excitement from students.

Justine Jones, a senior music industry major from Washington, D.C, said, “I think it's a great idea and one that is long overdue. Plenty of other schools have already implemented restaurant chains on their campus.”

Daniesha Weathersby, a senior mass communication major from Monroe, said, “I’ve been wanting them (Dillard) to do this.”