Spring student census down 100 students from fall 2020

NEW ORLEANS (February 22, 2021) – Dillard University’s student population for spring 2021 is 1,115 students, down 8.2 percent from fall 2020 and 5.5 percent from spring 2020, according to preliminary student enrollment data.

As has been typical, three of four of all DU students identify as female – 864 students, or 77 percent, compared with 251 students, or 23 percent, male. And Biology has retained the No. 1 spot for total majors, with Nursing climbing to No. 2, replacing Criminal Justice.

The data, provided by Jacques Detiege, director of assessment and analysis for the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, showed the census is down by 100 students from 1,215 reported in fall 2020. Dillard’s census is down by 65 students compared with the spring 2020 census.

Of the new students who enrolled in fall 2020, 88 percent (272 students) returned this spring.

Transfer students accounted for 20 percent (218 students) of the student population at Dillard. Compared to the fall, the number of transfer students increased by 289 percent or 162 students.

The student population is distributed evenly with seniors leading enrollment at 27 percent (314 students). Sophomores and juniors enrollment remained consistent from the fall 2020, representing 25 percent (277 students) and 22 percent (249 students), respectively. One-fourth of the census are freshmen, or 275 students.

Compared to fall 2020, the top five majors changed slightly. Biology remains No.1, but nursing replaced Criminal Justice as No. 2. The Top Five majors are Biology, Nursing, Criminal Justice, Business Administration and Psychology, in that order.

Biology has 13 percent of students (144) while Nursing has 11 percent (120).

When the numbers are compared by college, the College of Arts and Sciences comprises the majority of students, with 830 students, or 74 percent, enrolled. The college includes:

– School of Social Sciences, 299 students.

– School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, or STEM, 238.

– School of Humanities, 210.

– The School of Health and Wellness, 83.

Another 13 percent (143 students) are in the College of Business, and 11 percent (120 students) are enrolled in the College of Nursing. Seventeen students, or 2 percent, are enrolled in University College.