DU SGA president youngest elected national NAACP officer

Photo provided by NAACP/ Courtbouillon

NEW ORLEANS (March 12, 2021) – DU Student Government Association President Traelon Rodgers has become the youngest national officer for the NAACP at age 21.

Rodgers, an Urban Studies and Public Policy senior from Arlington, Texas, was elected assistant secretary of the NAACP on Feb. 20, according to a press release from the organization. He also is a national board member, marking him as the youngest person to be elected to a national NAACP office. He was elected to a two-year term.

Rodgers plans to attend law school and work in government or as a civil rights attorney. He has been admitted to three law schools: University of California-Berkeley, University of Texas-Austin and Emory University.

“My passion for civil and human rights is what fuels my passion for politics,” he said in a recent interview. “I’d like to be active in public service and public interest at some point.”  

Rodgers said he reached out to youth board members in seeking the assistant secretary position, which is voluntary, meaning it is unpaid. He was elected by 64 board members. His post requires keeping minutes in the absence of the secretary.

Rodgers joins the board to serve with Leon W. Russell, chairman; Karen Boykin-Towns, vice chair; Jesse Turner Jr., treasurer; and Yvonne White, assistant treasurer, according to the website, which does not list an officer for the secretary’s post.

Rodgers is completing his second term as SGA president.