DeJoan Mitchell, Andrew Logan elected as Miss & Mr. Dillard

J'Brionne Helaire/Courtbouillon

 Andrew Logan and Dejoan Mitchell, Mr. and Miss Dillard for 2021-22 

NEW ORLEANS (April 9, 2021) – Two Louisiana natives won the crowns of Miss and Mr. Dillard after a competitive campaign season March 31, according to the Center for Student Engagement & Leadership.

Rising seniors DeJoan Mitchell, a former Miss Sophomore and Miss Junior, and Andrew Logan earned their crowns as Dillard University’s premiere royalty for the 2021-22 academic year.

Meanwhile, Mattie Harris became the newest president of the Student Government Association with no opposition. Sophomore Kalaya Sibley was elected vice president, receiving approximately 26.4 percent more votes than her opponent, Jermany Gray.

Several positions remain unfilled and will be revisited during fall elections, according to Dr. Courtney Williams, director of the Center for Student Leadership & Engagement

Mitchell defeated Jerra Gentry, and Logan defeated Walter Dixson IV and David “DJ” Rhodes Jr. in the race for royal court titles.

Royal court candidates were ranked in three categories: student votes (50 percent), individual interviews (20 percent) and a showcase (30 percent). All three scores were averaged for a final score. The highest scored candidates were crowned Miss and Mr. Dillard.

According to official results, Mitchell received 53.1 percent of student votes, a score of 29 on her interview and a score of 110 on her showcase, while Gentry received 46.9 percent of student votes, a score of 29.3 on her interview and 112 on her showcase. In total, Mitchell scored 65.3 and Gentry, 62.9.

Logan received 54.2 percent of student votes, a score of 26 on his interview and a score of 87 on his showcase, totaling 58.4. Rhodes, a close second, received 36.3 percent of student votes, a score of 16.7 on his interview and a score of 111 on his showcase, totaling 54.8. Dixon fell behind with 9.5 percent of student votes, a score of 23.3 on his interview and a score of 86, for a total of 35.2.

Other members of the royal court include:

– Mr. Sophomore: Amir Akinloye, unopposed.

– Miss Sophomore: Trinity James, who won with a score of 52.3 against Mycah Cannon, 44.6.

– Mr. Junior: Braxton Turk, unopposed.

– Miss Junior: Imani Francis, unopposed.

The sophomore class senators will be Landon Johnson and Tyler Finley, while the junior class senators will be Jazanna-Marie Riddlesprigger and Jayden Hartley.

Unfilled positions include:

  • The third sophomore and junior senator positions.
  • Senior senators.
  • Senior, junior or sophomore representatives.
  • Some senior royalty positions.

Eligibility was contingent upon a student’s good academic and judicial standing, a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for SGA executive officers, Mr. and Miss Dillard (or 2.75 for the royal court and other SGA offices) and attending information sessions and workshops.