New Wealth Society seeks to improve financial literacy among DU students

NEW ORLEANS (April 16, 2021) – DU students must learn to identify nontraditional ways to make an income or increase their wealth, according to Justin Mathews, the 15th Mr. Dillard.

He said that’s why he founded the New Wealth Society, which meets virtually every Monday on Zoom, and why the Royal Court offered a “Black Wall Street event Feb. 25. The panel included Mathew, Trinity James, Walter Dixon, Lydia Page Moffet and Tamia Hightower. He said more events are planned in the future.

As a result of the group’s activities, Mathew said the organization has gain 13 new members in recent weeks. You can apply directly through Bleu Connect.

Mathew said it’s important for students to understand early about wealth building and financial literacy in light of obstacles many face with student loans and credit-card debt.

 (Jasmine Miller contributed to this report.)