Question: How will the stimulus check affect you?

Word on the Ave: Students pictured starting clockwise; Brooklyn Anderson, freshman, film major from Cleveland, Ohio; Iysis Howard, junior, criminal justice major from Los Angeles;  Hildevert Lafeuille, sophmore, film major from San Antonio, Texas; Paulina Webber, sophmore, english major from Little Rock, Arkansas; Chad Fuselier, junior, accounting major from Lafayette

NEW ORLEANS (April 16, 2021) – Editor’s note: The following interviews were conducted by Marissa Pittman, with photography by J’Brionne Helaire.

Brooklyn Anderson




“I didn’t qualify, so I will still be a broke college student.”

Hildevert Lafeuille



San Antonio

“It will affect me in a positive way. As a college student, getting money is good stuff. It will really be helpful, especially for little expenses like gas and cars.”  


Iysis Howard


Criminal Justice

Los Angeles

“It is helpful during these times. A few of us are unemployed or not making as much as we would pre-COVID.”  


Paulina Webber



Little Rock, Arkansas

“The extra $1,400 will help repair winter-storm damage on our home. It would have put a burden on us out of pocket, but the stimulus can cover that.”


Chad Fuselier




“It is probably not going to me. My family can definitely use it. My little brother just had surgery on his shoulder, and my dad is retired. They will probably save it for my younger brother’s college fund. It’s impacting a lot of my family, and I am really appreciative.”