18 Questions

NEW ORLEANS (November 15, 2021) – Editor’s note: The following questions were compiled by Autumn Ryan from offerings of various DU students recently. If you have a question, tweet it to @CourtbouillonDU.

  1. Why does it take the maintenance team so long to make repairs in the dormitories?
  2. Why do students have to pay for a parking decal when parking is limited?
  3. Why do students have to park far away in the back of campus? 
  4. How are students benefiting from grants and donations? 
  5. What sets Dillard apart as an institution of higher education?
  6. What measures will DUPD take to make women feel safe from predators on campus? 
  7. Why are we no longer being socially distanced in classrooms? 
  8. Why did Kearney allow students to self-serve items during the pandemic? 
  9. Why is Camphor/Hartzell stricter about their visitation rules than other halls? 
  10. Why did we have midterm exams? 
  11. Will a pass-or-fail be implemented? 
  12. When will the washers and dryers be fixed? 
  13. Will Kearney create more food options?  
  14. Why is DUPD not more active on campus?
  15. Why are the vending machines always broken?
  16. Can we get a trash can in the PSB parking lot so people won’t toss refuse on the ground?
  17. Why isn’t more funding put into the student organizations?
  18. What type of services do the counselors offer?