Word on the Ave

NEW ORLEANS (November 15, 2021) – Editor’s note: This segment was compiled by reporter Marissa Pittman and photography J’Brionne Helaire.

Cameron Brown


Political Science


“The biggest challenge I have faced so far is recouping back into the rhythm of things.”

Keriana Rogers


Criminal Justice

Port Arthur, Texas

“The biggest obstacle I have had to face is teaching myself material and trying to get back to where I was before we left. I was in the groove of school. I was on top of everything. When I came back, I felt like everything was thrown at me, and I did not have the get-up-and-go that I had when we first got here.”

Giyana Williams



New Orleans

“After the hurricane, my closet caved in, so I lost a bunch of clothes and shoes. Coming back to school made it hard to get back on track with everything. Midterms was right there. It felt like we were just starting school, so I felt like I did not really know anything. It was just hard.”

Jaznine Clark



Peachy County, Maryland

“The biggest challenge was understanding academic life. I really don’t understand how midterm grades work. I just complete my work.”

Taylor Gentry


Urban Studies and Public Policy


“I live in the Gardens, so my house was one that had the asbestos in it. Since we left for Ida in September, I have not had access to my apartment. The things I took with me home for evacuation are the same things that I have right now.”

Alaysia Carter




“My house was destroyed, and it was stressful dealing with it and balancing school.”

Landon Johnson


Computer Science

Baton Rouge

“The biggest challenge is trying to get back on track with schoolwork. Professors have been dishing out a lot of work at unreasonable times.”

Dacambrian Crow


Political Science

San Leandro, California

“Catching up on work has been my biggest challenge.”