Word on the Ave


NEW ORLEANS (February 18, 2022) – EDITOR’S NOTE: The following interviews and photos were compiled Olivia Viltz and Aretha McKinney.

JaKiyah Steinbrook

Chemistry senior

“No, I won’t be attending any of the parades or anything like that, only because of COVID. The last time we did have Mardi Gras, that’s what really spiked the numbers, so it doesn’t make sense to do it again with new variants.”

Terrence Gragg

Biology senior

“No, I will not be celebrating Mardi Gras this year because there’s a lot going on. Personally, I’m cool in my own space … I’ve experienced it already, so I’m sitting this one out.”

Dajane Tullis

Social Work sophomore

“Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be celebrating … I want to be able to keep my family safe because I’m going to be going home later that week.”