18 Question

NEW ORLEANS (March 28, 2022) – Editor’s note: These questions from students were compiled by Autumn Ryan.

  1. Why is there only one licensed counselor for the entire university?
  2. Will students still be able to live in the Gardens next semester?
  3. Can WOW Wingery stay open later?
  4. Why aren’t students on campus receiving grace periods on assignments due to the consistent Wi-Fi issues?
  5. Can every building on campus have its own Wi-Fi connection?
  6. Why are there so many opossums?
  7. Are there any plans to remove the stray cats from campus?
  8. Will they ever renovate the elevator and restrooms in Cook?
  9. Why don’t we repair damaged and faded white paint on the exterior of the buildings?
  10. How do we incorporate vegan and clean dining options on campus?
  11. Can lights added to the walkway between PSB and Cook? The path is dark and unsafe at night.
  12. When will The Grill reopen?
  13. Why can’t DU Dollars be used at the bookstore?
  14. Why haven’t our refund checks been deposited?
  15. When will we get more housing/ opportunities for students to have single-occupant apartment-style housing?
  16. After Hurricane Ida, another HEERF fund was mentioned; can we get a definite yes or no on that?
  17. When will education be added back as a major?
  18. What is the administration doing to ensure a smooth transition from Dr. Walter Kimborough to a new president?