Word on the Ave


NEW ORLEANS ( August 26, 2022) – Editor's note: This segment was compiled by managing editor Olivia Viltz and editor-in-chief J'Brionne Helaire.

(Top row from left to right)

Gabriel “Gabe” Barlow


Arlington, TX

Mass Communication


“I would say yeah, for the most part. I’ve really been chilling out here. I like walking outside at night, though. Dillard’s campus is a vibe at night.”


Jasmine West


 Lake Charles, LA



“My college experience is pretty dope. I mean I don’t live on campus. Well, I basically live on campus because I’m here all the time. They could do better with some stuff, but other than that my college experience is good.”


Patrice Green


 Deland ,FL



“Personally, I like it here. I like the people. I like my college classes. The only thing I don’t like is my dorm. It’s raggedy, not going to lie to you, but other than that the college experience has been everything I wanted. I can’t complain.”


(Bottom row from left to right)

Mckenzie Jones


 Lafayette, LA



“Simply, no, but for mostly positive reasons. There are some negatives in there, but it’s definitely not what I expected, some of which have exceeded my expectations. Just like in terms of the feeling of like a community here and the culture. People hold the doors for you, they say ‘hey’, and you can have small talk, and you don’t really see that, that much.”


Kiara Moss


 Augusta, GA



“It has. Honestly, it’s been better. I didn’t think it was gonna be this fun. I thought it was gonna be more stressful, so it’s been more than I thought it would be. I do have a lot more friends than I thought I would because I’m antisocial.”