Dillard adds a Baseball team to athletics program, making history

Courtesy of Trennis Grant, baseball head coach



NEW ORLEANS (September 1, 2022) – Dillard University has added a baseball team to the list of athletic programs with a roster of 39 players ranging from freshmen to juniors, according to Coach Trennis Grant, the newly appointed baseball coach. 

Grant has eight years of coaching experience. He spent last season preparing for a big season in his first year coaching at Dillard. Regarding meeting the team, Grant said, “It’s been exciting, getting the guys here, talking about and getting them to understand the history that they can create by doing the little things right and making sure they represent the university well.”

Official baseball practices will begin next month. The team members have been preparing for their first season, which begins next semester, through workouts in the weight room and outdoor conditioning. Grant said the team has been very active around campus with many of his players attending on-campus events.  

“The baseball players set themselves apart just because you know who they are when they walk around, and they do different things together,” said Grant. The baseball team was the only team to dress professionally for the first convocation of the semester and sit in the front row. He makes sure his players live up to the standard of being student-athletes, especially after seeing how each program functioned prior to the introduction of the baseball team. 

Maurice Thompson, a transfer junior health science major from Austin, Texas, said he has adjusted well to college life. “It’s cool being around people that look like me. The classes are good as well.” 

Lawrence White, a freshman health science major and pitcher from Chicago, said he is enjoying campus life too. “It’s different from where I’m from, but it’s nice and calm here.” White said he knew from his first day with the team it would be an exciting season. “Ever since we came down here for the first day and introduced ourselves to one another, I feel like we’re going to have good chemistry with no bad blood.” 

    Thompson expressed similar excitement for what’s to come for the team.

“It’s been good getting to know my teammates. We have a lot of talent from all over the country. I think we’re going to be ready this season,” said Thompson.

White said he feels their chemistry growing day by day, “It’s been a camaraderie ever since coming together for the first time, like a big family.” 

The coach is also creating a family-oriented program. “When I first started here at Dillard it was a big family. Now the culture we’re trying to create is that family environment, holding everyone accountable, going to battle, having fun, and winning together,” said Grant concerning his team.

Their family identity is present every day. A strong bond will help them as they get prepped for their first season. “We’re talking about getting into regionals. In order for us to get into our regionals we have to win our conference championship,” states Grant.