Power restored to Dillard’s campus


Photo Credit:J’Brionne Helaire, editor-in-chief

NEW ORLEANS- Students began returning to campus on March 2 after the power outage that occurred on campus early on the morning of Feb 26. 

The move in process began with university officials getting back into their offices on March 1. Residents of Straight and Williams Hall returned to campus on March 2 and the residents of Camphor-Hartzell Hall returned to campus the following day. The power outage affected most of the buildings on campus with the exception of the Gentilly Gardens. Those residents were left without Wi-Fi.

To accommodate students, the University transported students to the Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel, according to Dillard officials. Students were also given the opportunity to commute back to their hometowns due to the inconvenience. 

Classes were canceled on Monday, Feb. 27, but held virtually Tuesday through Friday as the needed part was not expected to be in town until Wednesday, Feb. 29 according to the University’s Office of Communication. The University elected to push midterms back to March 6. 

During the power outage, students were transported to Loyola University for access to dining services as well as free Wi-Fi.

With assistance from University partners, Loyola University, Hilton Riverside, and Entergy, Dillard was able to provide alternative accommodations for students while the power issue was resolved.