Kelvin Harrison, Chevalier lead, expresses motivation for his role in new movie

Kenadie Tate, first column, middle block, participated in an interview with Kelvin Harrison and Ronke Adekoluejo, stars of the film Chevalier.

NEW ORLEANS (April 26,2023)–Kelvin Harrison, a New Orleans native and star of Chevalier, and Ronke Adekoluejo took questions from college students who wanted to further understand the details and motivation behind the new film that premiered exclusively in theaters April 21. 

Chevalier, a title film about famous composer and multifaceted artist Joseph Bologne The Chevalier de Saint-Georges, depicts his life in 18th century France. It details his most impressive achievements, adventures, and messiest endeavors with figures like Marie Antoinette and his mother. Kelvin Harrison, the film’s lead, delivers an exciting performance to tell the story of an equally exciting historical figure’s life. Harrison attributes his motivation for the role to his infatuation with Bologne. He says, “I personally was just obsessed with Joseph. I couldn’t believe he existed.” Ronke Adekoluejo says it was the trust the writer instilled in her to portray a figure of this magnitude. 

Writer and Director pair Stephen Williams and Stefani Robinson revealed their experience of working on the film. Writer and producer, Stefani Robinson, indulges in the process of creating this film saying, “…I was blessed to work with Stephen Williams…and he understood the heart of the movie and what I was going for… This film was a labor of love for everybody.” When asked where the inspiration for the film came from and the desire to tell the story of Joseph Bologne, director Stephen Williams responded, “Stefani was introduced to Chevalier as a teenager and she long harbored the desire to tell this story.” He credits the moments after reading the script as his compulsion to help share the story of Chevalier.