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Death of innocents:Enough is enough!

NEW ORLEANS (Oct. 3, 2013) A child barely 1 years old is fatally shot in her nanny’s arms. A young girl playing in her home is slain by gunfire shot into her home. The rash of children’s deaths alone in New Orleans, not to mention the bloodshed of adults day after day, leaves us shocked and a tad frightened. In recent weeks, at least two innocent young children have been killed by gun Full story

Obama critics say time is now to push agenda for African-Americans

NEW ORLEANS (Feb.21, 2013)—  In 2008 it appeared Barack Obama would not only be America’s first black president but also its first real black superhero. The pedestal on which the black community sat President Obama may be higher than any other in history. Full story

N.O. safety a concern

New Orleans (Nov. 15, 2012) — It is no cliché to say that violence occurs everywhere. Never a day begins that a news story is not published about some type of violence occurring near or far. New Orleans has long been known as being a dangerous city. In the most recent FBI crime statistics, the city’s murder rate went up while the national murder rate went down. Full story

Caution: Tweets saved forever!!

NEW ORLEANS (Oct. 4, 2012) – “You can tweet me @....” This phrase ends most conversations these days. Twitter names are given out as frequently as phone numbers and e-mail addresses, if not more. Twitter has taken over as a means of communication and is ranked the No. Full story