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Who is America? To whom does it belong?

Caption   NEW ORLEANS (February 19, 2021) – A recent virtual panel on the transition from the Trump administration to that of President Joe Biden offers a telling reminder of the damage done by 45 over the past four years and the exacerbation of disparities that must be remedied. Former […]


Census 2020: Make sure you are counted

NEW ORLEANS (April 20, 2020) – With the 2020 Census under way, it is very important that everyone ensures they are counted, especially children, college students and people of color, according to a local official. Orleans Parish School Board Member Ethan Ashley said, “When kids are not counted, and oftentimes […]


COVID-19: The numbers have faces, so do your part

NEW ORLEANS (April 3, 2020) – Cough. Wash hands. Sneeze. Wash hands. Touch surface. Wash hands. High-five? Don’t do it. Wash hands. A virus like no other in recent history is sweeping across the world, causing people to wash their hands like never before. COVID-19 is an upper respiratory disease […]