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WOW Wingery, Starbucks reported in the works for DU

NEW ORLEANS (September 6, 2020) – Dillard University is getting the ball rolling on implementing food chains onto the school’s campus, WOW Wingery and Starbucks over the next two years, according to Michelle Matthew, manager of Auxiliary Services. Matthew said Ralph Johnson, vice president Business and Finance, negotiated the deals. […]


Too few show in grill weekend trial

NEW ORLEANS (Nov. 9, 2017) – An average of 68 students supported Grill 155’s Saturday opening trial period, which is not enough to make opening on weekends feasible, according Yolanda Holland, general manager of Dillard Dining Services. The Kearny Dining Hall staff began the trial run on Sept. 16, opening […]


Trial run on Saturdays for Grill 155 will end Saturday

NEW ORLEANS (Oct. 20, 2017) – The Saturday trial run for Grill 155 will end this weekend, followed by a decision from Sodexo on whether the weekend openings will continue. This Saturday, the grill will begin offering buffalo chicken tenders and Philly cheesesteak fries, said Yolanda Holland, general manager. After […]


Kearny staff the best product offered in dining hall

Dillard University’s dining hall may not always have the best food, but the variety of food choices and compassionate staff members make up for the lack of fine cuisine. Students often complain about the quality of food in Kearny dining hall. For example, sophomore Austin Thomas, a business sophomore from […]


Holland: Weekend grill not profitable

NEW ORLEANS (March 10, 2017) – Students who like to sleep in on weekends have complained about Grill 155 not being open, but the Sodexo general manager said a previous trial run showed it was not profitable. However, Yolanda Holland left open the possibility that she might consider another trial. […]


Dining hall upgrades please regulars

NEW ORLEANS (March 10, 2017) – Kearny station upgrades such as “Peak Performance” and “My Zone,” along with a vegan bar and Louisiana beef burgers, have apparently pleased some dining hall regulars, but Kearny management is still seeking input from diners. Jasmine Barnes, marketing coordinator, is asking faculty, staff and […]